Please pay on PR

Hello everyone, I started the school website in 2005, domestic advertising basically done. Foreign made GOOGLE, I was basically in 2006 toss him 2007 Google make adjustments, I put the traffic and energy in the domestic advertising alliance. In November 2007, discovered a new CPS ad. eBay mobile phone recharge card, he is based […]

New Oriental Network intends to list three new board Tencent Holdings 12.2917%

28, Beijing New Oriental fast network Polytron Technologies Inc (i.e., New Oriental online, the stock referred to as the "New Oriental net") issued 27 public transfer instructions, the application listed on the new board, issued 60 million shares through the transfer market making. Yu Minhong holding New Oriental network, Tencent Holdings 12.2917% New Oriental network […]

Li Kaifu why is it so hard to replicate the success of Silicon Valley

Dr. Wu Jun’s "the mystery of Silicon Valley" (people’s post and Telecommunication Press) will be published in this paper is the preface for the book written by Li Kaifu, the authorisation of the surging news. this is a subversion of people’s awareness of the information age, the understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship books. By introducing […]

China’s most influential venture 2016MARS announced the launch of the contest

August 11, 2016 Beijing cattle interactive media Limited by Share Ltd (Code: 835998, hereinafter referred to as the "cattle media") announced the 2016 annual MARS Innovation Contest (hereinafter referred to as the "MARS competition") will be officially launched in August 25th. The whole game is expected to last 3 months, the entrepreneurial team will include […]